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Texting with my mom

I am so loving that my mom has joined the world of texting. We have these silly little conversations that would just never happen on the phone or over email. Here's just a small sample from this morning:

Mom: Going to BJs for a few things. Want anything?

Me: Yeah. A wife. Do they sell those?

[One hour later]

Mom: FYI - no wives on sale. A few were returned because they just didn't work. Figured we didn't want damaged goods.

Me: I don't know. Damaged might be better than nothing at this point. How much? Any husbands or were they all broken beyond repair?

To be continued...or not.

Right after I posted this, my mom wrote back again (she's going to kill me for blogging this - he he). I didn't know until right now how much of my sense of humor I got from her. Did she?

Mom: They are sending the wives to the islands for the rest of the winter. They'll return in the spring and will go on sale for $1.5 million. Husbands on shelves looked like Ken and we know he's no help at all. Doesn't like to get dirty!


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