Vroom Vroom

Communication Techniques

B often has a tendency to start conversations with me while he's sleeping. Okay, to be fair, he's likely not actually speaking to me, but I am usually the only one in the room when he speaks. When we were first together, I found this frustrating because I actually thought he was talking to me and there was something I was missing. Over time I came to realize that he was asleep, and wouldn't it be fun to see how long I could keep the conversation going. What could I gleam from his seemingly random commentary? Most often my attempts are thwarted by additional interruptions in his sleep activity, but occasionally I get some good stuff worth sharing. I tweeted this last night, but I thought it was blog worthy too:

B: He's going to push us up the hill.

Me: Who's going to push us up the hill?

B: Mr. Berenstain.

Me (knowing full well who Mr. Berenstain is): Who is Mr. Berenstain?

B: Isn't that the name of the bear on the cover of the book who is going to help us push the garbage out of the way so we can get on our plane and go home?

Me: Yeah.


I believe his brain must have been processing part of our weekend in combination with things on his to-do list. We did take a plane, we did go up hills, we did watch a mom reading The Berenstain Bears to her sons at the rehearsal dinner of the wedding we were attending - and I even remarked to him about it, and last night was garbage night. Of course, my dreams later that night included Natalie Portman acting too cool for school (I love her in real life), her little sister who I befriended (she does not have a little sister in real life), Brian cheating on me with a friend whose pictures I had looked at before bed (no need to psychoanalyze this one, I know my issues here), and a bunch of bugs in a bag of fruit eating away while making horrendous sawing noises. Where are my Berenstain Bears?


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